Allergies or Cold?

Can’t figure out whether you have allergies or a cold? To get relief you need, you need to know which one you have first. Ask yourself a few questions.

Allergies or Cold - Infographic

1. Did your symptoms develop suddenly?

It is likely allergies. Exposure to one of your triggers can result in a reaction that is almost immediate. Cold symptoms usually take a few days to develop.

2. Sore and achy?

You are most likely suffering from a cold or flu.

3. Runny or congested nose?

You could be suffering from either a cold or allergies; if nasal discharge is thick and cloudy, it’s probably a cold. If it is thin and watery, then it is likely allergies.

4. Feeling the heat?

Do you have a fever, even a low-grade one? (37.1 to 37.5 ºC.) It’s probably a cold, not allergies.

5. Is it allergy season?

If you think your allergy is of the outdoor nature, take a minute to check the pollen forecast.

Finally consider the four seasons

Colds can happen any time, but more likely in winter. Allergies more often occur the rest of the year — spring, summer, and fall. Do your symptoms occur at the same time each year? You probably have seasonal allergies.

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