Canadian Tree Pollen Allergy Guide

Canadian Tree Pollen - Infographic

What to Know

In Canada, the largest concentration of tree pollen is released between mid-March and mid-June. Wet weather may provide some relief by clearing away pollens, but may initially exacerbate allergies by bursting pollen particles, spreading allergens farther.1

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Common Pollinators


Sugar Maple2

Where: Manitoba to Nova Scotia

When: September-October


Red Maple3,4

Where: Great Lakes Region

When: March – April


Douglas Maple5,6

Where: Western Canada

When: August – September



Peachleaf Willow7

Where: BC to Quebec

When: April – May



White Birch8

Where: All provinces and territories except Nunavut

When: April – June



White Ash9,10

Where: Eastern Canada

When: April – May



Western White Pine11,12

Where: Western Canada

When: June – July


Eastern White Pine13

Where: Manitoba - Newfoundland

When: May – June



Bur Oak14

Where: Saskatchewan - New Brunswick

When: March – May


White Oak15

Where: Ontario and Quebec

When: March - May