Outdoor Allergies

Understanding Seasonal Allergies

What are your allergy triggers? When are you most affected? Recognizing your reaction to seasonal allergens is the first step toward living with them. Find out more.

About Weed Pollen Allergies

Weeds make you sneeze? You’re not alone. Learn more about managing these powerful allergy triggers.

Pollen Count

Ever wonder what the pollen is going to be like? Here’s a quick guide to help you plan ahead throughout the year.

The Reality of Ragweed

From late summer to early fall, weeds emerge, bloom and release their pollen into the air.

Le rhume des foins

Did you know hay fever has nothing to do with hay? The term came about when farmers working in the hay fields were affected by allergies. Learn more about what the phrase means.

About Grass Pollen Allergies

If summer is the worst time of year for your allergies, it’s likely that grass pollen is to blame. You can’t escape grass, but there are many ways to manage your allergies.

Canadian Tree Pollen Guide

Learn to recognize the types of trees that trigger your allergy symptoms.

Outdoor Grass Pollen Guide

Use this handy guide to know when pollen is active across Canada