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Allergy Muddlers in Canada

Allergy Muddlers in Canada - Infographic

Allergies on the Rise

  • In Canada, about 15.1 million adults suffer from allergies.1
  • The onset of climate change is impacting allergy season in Canada. Pollen season now lasts longer, due to a delayed first frost, and lengthening of the frost-free period.2
  • More than 60% of allergy sufferers feel that their symptoms are poorly controlled.3
  • Canadians feel the burden of seasonal allergies. Patients report symptoms ranging from fatigue (46%), to poor concentration (32%), and reduced productivity (23%).4

Allergies and Family

  • Kids have a 50% chance of getting allergies if one parent has them and a 75% chance of getting allergies if both parents do.
  • Girls are more likely to get allergies if their mom has them.
  • Boys are more likely to get allergies if their dad has them. 


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