Types of Allergies

Though there are many different types of allergies, the most common allergies fall into one of three groups. A clear understanding of where you are most likely to encounter allergens and what they may be will help you in your quest to relieve your allergy symptoms.

1. Outdoor allergies
Allergies caused by outdoor allergens such as pollen. These allergens are lightweight, and can easily become airborne. Learn more.

2. Indoor allergies
Indoor allergies are triggered by things such as dust mites that thrive in warm, humid environments. Learn more.

3. Pet allergies
Pet allergies are not actually a result of a reaction to your pets’ hair, but proteins in the animal’s skin cells.Learn more.

Understanding your allergies will help you to avoid your specific allergy triggers. Avoidance isn’t always possible, but there are strategies that can reduce your exposure to your triggers and help you minimize your allergy discomforts. These strategies can help you avoid or minimize your allergy symptoms.

Article Author
Tilda Shalof is an experienced critical care nurse at Toronto General Hospital. She is also the bestselling author of A Nurse’s Story.
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