Understanding My Allergies – Inside and Out

Welcome to your allergy guide.  It’s your headquarters for the tools you need to take charge of your allergies. From recognizing your symptoms, to identifying your triggers, and creating strategies to lessen your discomfort, it’s all here.

As you may already know, having allergies can mean anything from a mild inconvenience, to a significant discomfort. They can impair your ability to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.  We’re talking here about the most common allergies that are caused by ordinary environmental elements such as grasses, trees, pets and dust.


So to help minimize the disruption caused by allergies, keep reading for useful information and advice on how best to manage them.

Please note:  This guide is intended to cover the most common, environmental allergies, such as hay fever, ragweed, dust mites, and mold. It does not address the far more rare and life-threatening anaphylactic reactions or allergies to food, medications, or insects.  These allergies are serious and can even be life-threatening, but are found in a relatively smaller percentage of the population.

Article Author
Tilda Shalof is an experienced critical care nurse at Toronto General Hospital. She is also the bestselling author of A Nurse’s Story.
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